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    Photo Type: KITCHEN
  • Engaging User Experiences
    Unlock information in MLS photos to create smart apps
    Our API categorizes pictures of property listings by type to power new visual
    apps like room comparison, shopper preference profiles, and more.

    Let's compare kitchens!
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  • Powerful & Fast
    Dynamically Optimized Imagery for Devices
    The fastest load times require automated device detection,
    geo targeting and cloud based CDN.
    awesome user experience
    mobile friendly file sizes

Most websites have the same MLS pictures and information...

How do you stand out?

Better User Experience

By nature humans are comparison shoppers, are you giving them what they want?

Categorize the photos from your MLS by room type to power game-changing room comparison apps with ImageIndxr's API.

Top Search Rank

Photo categorization also gives you better data for your SEO schema to improve search rankings for both your image assets and website overall.

Ask your preferred SEO ninja how he/she can leverage new hierarchies in organic search.

Speed & Devices

Page speed contributes to both your search rank and user experience, especially on mobile devices.

In an increasingly visual market our experts integrate new technologies for you, saving headcount and time.

Photo Categorization API

Automatically sort MLS photos by room type: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom...

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Amazon pioneered consumer profiling by using product meta data to suggest similar
items to visitors. ImageIndxr data brings the same ability to real estate search.

Why to choose us

Engage Homebuyers

Engage website visitors with personalized experiences by combining collaborative filtering with image meta data to make smart suggestions.

Show less, close more

Help agents be more time efficient, let clients build preference profiles online before scheduling home showings.

Support Agents

Help real estate agents keep potential clients engaged and incubate leads from cold to ready-to-buy with automated data-based suggestions.

Connect with us to get an API demo: info@imageindxr.com